Congratulations to CD Freaks-over 50,000 guests registered!

I just posted the article Congratulations to CD Freaks-over 50,000 guests registered!.

  I don't know if J.W.  Aldershoff, aka DoMiN8ToR    knew when he started this site in 1997 what it would become. But, thank goodness he  did, because he did something right. Because...
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A great Forum owned by some good people. Well done! :g

Congratulations on the milestone:g

wow!!! nice…congratulations i wonder how many people there were online at the same time

Excellent site,many fine people,maybe one day when international travel is like the transporter on Start Trek,we can all meet,and see the faces behind the names…

Ive been on this site for a few years and Im glad to be a CDFreak! Im always on looking at the latest news! I really enjoy the site… Keep up the good and hard work to the entire CDFreaks staff!
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awesome work guys !!! all i can say is that this site kicks ass !!! keep up the good work.

Happy anniversary Domi! :g/gs.

Paaaarty-time! :X

Great achievement!! Congratulations to everyone who made this happen; so I’m congratulating over 50.000 people! :S

Things like that make one proud being part of this team :g

On to 100.000!

Very nice article to celebrate a fine day :wink:

Congratulations on a MAJOR Milestone!! I have been a visitor to this site for many years but just recently, decided to become a member. Wish I had done so earlier. Congratulations to all involved and may there be a long and prosperous future for CDFREAKS!!

It gives me cause to drink another beer :d