Congratuilations to this awesome product!

Hey Nero-Team.

Being a Linux user since early '99 buring CD’s has always been some kind of tricky / buggy from time to time. The first release of NeroLinux just works without one single problem so far. I know there’s quite some … enthusiasts out there claiming commercial apps are bad for Linux. Most of them are just stupid kidds with too much time. K3b for example ist pretty nice, but it has too many problems with just doing the job if you need it to (copy a SVCD? buring an ogg-compilation? sometimes it does, sometimes it does not).

I personaly used Nero for quite some time in a VMware’d virtual Win2k, without it I would have been lost in many situations. Since there’s this initial realease I finally bought the Windows Nero6 Reloaded retail-package. Hopefully people like me do have a voice now to convince Nero to do some more porting. A package like Reloaded is urgently needed on Linux. You’d be the first an only one.

Greetz from Germany

Running NeroLinux on:

Kernel: 2.6.11

It is really nice to read some comments like this. Thanks a lot ! :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: Good product == good posting

I remember sending an eMail to Nero-Sales-Support about half a year ago explaining why to port Burning-ROM to Linux. If asking kindly always leads to such a result I’ll keep posting. :slight_smile:

Well, whether the product is polished or not at this point, I am in agreement that
it is a “good thing” indeed to see that the major software houses are taking
notice and doing little things like this. This is a gracious act as it does take time and
resources to write stuff like this. I hope that they continue to improve the
software. I have only tried it briefly and although k3b has worked in the past for me,
I have had issues with it as well. The couple of operations I have tried with NeroLinux
have worked fine, one of which choked on k3b (copying a mixed-mode CD to an

So…thanks a lot, Nero.

I agree. :iagree:

Although I am not very familiar with Linux (installed several distributions a few times, but it never lasted very long for me) I think it’s necessary and a move into the right direction that companies like Ahead begin to port their software to open operating systems. I am sure, that one day Linux will be the operation system standard (if you can say that :stuck_out_tongue: ) and the sooner the better. :bigsmile:

Thumbs up!

I too agree. I purchased a copy of Nero Ultra since their release of a Linux port. I would happily purchase software for Linux. Just because Linux has a lot opensource/free stuff it doesn’t mean there isn’t a market for quality software.

Thanks Nero!