Congrats abrown15

Hello Folks,

Maybe Antigua doesn’t have a Beach anymore considering all the Hurricanes that have been visiting the area this summer.

Well it might be an enjoyable event just basking in sun and sitting on a pile rocks.

Since Forum Member abrown15 has revealed he is from the land of the Leprechauns maybe he would want to sip on a little bit of that fine Irish Whiskey instead of some Rum.

@ abrown15 – Congratulations to you and your wife on the anticipated arrival of another little one.

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Okay – resurrect an old thread – well today at 08:00 GMT my latest addition to the family arrived – Logan Cillian – weighing in at 8lbs 6 oz – those with keen brains will note it is not even 12 months between the last post and this!! I blame the Murphy’s and that fact that Pfizer have a Viaga plant in the area!!

8lbs 6 oz
you got one tuff spouse :bow:
Congrats :clap:

lol, i never noticed the date, i thought, god, that was quick, well done

Congrats abrown15, you must be very proud. I know how I felt when my son was born, I was walking around like I just succeeded in the most important day of my life. Enjoy the kids, they grow up very fast (as you already know).

Hi abrown15:
I put this thread in the " living room" sp everyone could see it. The other thread was over a year old. Congrats again.