Confusion with Nero DVD Burning


Can anyone help with some basic info?

I use Nero 6 Re-loaded to burn CDs. I’ve just started burning DVDs (to back up data from my pc) and in the bottom right-hand corner of the window (where I drag and drop files) there is a small window that says ‘Level 9 8152 mb’. If I use the down arrow to the right of this it comes up with ‘Level 4 4483 mb’.

Can anyone explain what this means? I have it set to Level 9 but don’t know if this is right or not.

Btw I use 8XDVD-R 120 mins/4.7GB

Jackie D

Welcome to CDF,
You set that to the size of disc you are burning to, 9 is if you are using dual layer discs and 4 if you are using single layer. If you already have a disc in the drive that you are using it will set the size for you. If it doesn’t just set it manually.