Confusion with "Hide CD-R media option"

In order to backup CD protected with SD 2.8 should I enable the “Hide CDR Media” option on CloneCD while copying (reading and writing) or later when I play the backup? I’ve made a backup of a protected game (with “Hide CDR Media” option off) and this plays with that option enabled on the drive who made the copy (Plextor PX4824A 1.03) but it plays without “Hide CDR” on another drive of mine, Yamaha CRW-2200E (latest firmware)… Is sounds a bit strange to me… :-((((

PS: I use CloneCD

As someone pointed out to me in a previous thread on a similar question, some readers read the ATIP and some don’t. I believe ALL burner drives DO. You need HIDE CDR enabled for when playing the backup, not for reading/writing.

I believe ALL burner drives DO.
I think the Teac R50S doesn’t. I’m pretty sure that there is a second burner which can’t, but I don’t remember it

Of course all burners can read ATIP, you cannot
burn a disc without being able to read it :slight_smile:
The reason why some readers also can read it
is mainly cost-related : it can sometimes be less
expensive to reuse chips from your burners
than to design a brand new chip just for

OK, I should be more precise: The Teac R50S does not accept a read-atip-command, so you should not need hide-cd-r to run a game with atip check from it

I would have to say that having 1 or 2 burners that don’t read ATIP from a list of thousands made on the market deems it acceptable to say ALL