Confusion over bitsetting

i wanted to change my Liteon’s bitsetting so it would burn my DVD-RW into DVD-Rom. So i downloaded the OmniPatcher and the firmware. I loaded and after that i have no idea what to do.

I dont think Liteon can change the bookype/bitsetting of a dvd-r(w) i only heard of NEC and BenQ burners being able to do that. What you want is dvd+r(w).

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Try here

if i use a DVD-RW, then what do i do after i open the Omipatcher?

you can’t bitset any -R/-RW media its +R/+RW only im afraid, its been a while since i used OP but as far as i remember load the fw in then tick the box that says auto bitsetting or auto booktype, every +R/+RW you burn thereafter will be auto bitset to DVD-ROM.

EDIT - you will need to save the fw you just patched then flash the drive with it ofcourse :slight_smile: remember the tick the fix dead or blinking led (or words to that effect) box if you are crossflashing your drive if it isnt auto greyed out, as you can see its been a while since i used it.

what if i later on wanted to turn off the autobitsetting because i wanted the media to burn as a regular DVD-RW file… how do you do that

It is possable to change the booktype of a dvd-r i just havent done it other people have with nec burners and benq have heres one form Booktype DVD-ROM for DVD-R media

as i explained the booktype of DVD-RW will remain DVD-RW as the booktype of -R/-RW is pre-written at the factory whereas with +R media the booktype remains blank and is written by the writer

as far as i know if you use auto bitsetting with OP you are stuck with it until you flash again, i personally see no reason to leave the booktype as +R/+RW if bitsetting is available, i know of a single case where a drive had trouble reading a +RW that had been bitset.

There is a tool available allowing you to choose what booktype you want before the burn but you’l have to scour the LiteOn section for info on it.

the booktype area of the -R/-RW disc is pre written, ive read about this writing a second booktype before but its not what OP does and is something completely different to standard bitsetting.