So is the DVD2One forum back here?

err … is that a trick question :slight_smile: (tell me what to say, tell me)

No, its not a trick question :slight_smile:

But I have not seen anything on the news side about it, and it seems that nobody is posting here.

My post is probably strange if you hav´nt read this thread

Somehow there is an issue with the forum, some users can see it and some can’t.

Anyway, yes we tried to get it back. We feel we have given a clear message to Erwin and Rene, but we don’t want the users and contributors of this forum to be the victims. Afterall this forum contains a lot of old issues with the software and people looking for DVD2One related subjects will still be able to find a lot of answers over here. Besides that it’s a good opportunity to get independent information about the software.

Good thinking DoMiN8ToR
I think that users often are able to help other users.

edit/ And we shall not forget the two moderators! /edit