Confusing: should I use packet writing, multisession or Mt Rainier?!


Is it true that packet writing isn’t very reliable, and if one session fails, all data that is already on that cd is also destroyed?

Am I understanding it right that multisession is a bit the same but more reliable, however the files cannot be individually changed or deleted so you can’t use a cd as a harddisk? Is multisession ISO or UDF file system? Also, does multisession only work with rewritable cds or dvds?

However there also seems to be a Mount Ranier format (what’s the extension). What exactly is that and what are the benifits compared to the previous mentioned methods. I believe Plextor supports Mt Rainier (don’t NEC writers support Mt Rainier), so what is it good for?

If packet writing is not reliable, shouldn’t I use programs like InCD4 or does that use Mt Rainier or something?..

Anybody could explain this please cause all these methods are confusing me! Which method(s) should I use that is/are reliable? Thanks!

It might help if you can better define what you want to do. For example, is this for a DVD data backup from files on your hard drive? Or is it a question regarding what writing to use for burning/backing up a DVD movie?

If I remember correctly Mt. Rainer came out as an alternative format, but didn’t end up supported by most drives, so I would choose a more ‘universal’ writing mode, so you could put your backup in about any drive and read it. I can tell you certainly that my Plextor 716a does not support Mt. Rainier for CDs

i havnt used packet writing software for years and never had any problem (had some but they were hardware related) even if burning another session will fail its likely possible to read the previous one with a tool like isobuster,you can delete/rename files/folders when adding another session however they will only be virtually deleted they simply arent added to the file structure of the new session but remains in the old session meaning you wont gain any extra space and you just wont see em ,multisession is not a method you mean “regular burning” multisession means you can add files/folders to the cd/dvd media at a later time but as far as i know everytime you add another session about 25mb of media space is lost so burning multisession isnt recommended alot of lost space it can be both udf/iso it depends on the burning software and it works with any type of media of course you can also finalize it whenever you want so you wont be able to add anything new to it, you dont have to do a “regular burning” with multisession you can just do a one time burn with finalization and you wont be able to add anything new to the media thats the best way to go no media space is lost unlike multisession,read about mr rainier here,aid,97404,00.asp
udf file system isnt readable under dos,when doing regular burning you cant use the media like with packet writing software all handling is done with the burning software