Confusing results after firmware update

Hi, ive tried pretty much whatever i can think of and im at a dead end.

basically i have a DVR-112 which was flashed to firmware 1.24, i did burns with this on some TYG02 media and did some scans with my liteon iHAS324 and was getting great results.

Ive now updated to 1.28 and any disks i burn get a constantly huge 12000 PIE all the way across the disk, however if i put that same disk in my optiarc 7240 the results are good (not as good as the liteon previously, but even with disks burned with 1.24 firmware the results were always alittle worse on the optiarc), they just suck in the lite on.

now i thought by some voodoo that the liteon may of gotten screwed up, however the disks i burned with firmware 1.24 still work fine, this leads me to believe it must be the writer.

have i screwed up the 112? some calibration data or something got screwed up and why are they working ok in the other drive??

any ideas?


ok, so the results in the lite on suck on the new burns as i said, this was testing new (1.28 disks) and old (1.24) @ 4x.

however, if i test at 2.4x, 6x or 8x on the new (1.28) disks the results are what i would expect… its only when testing them at 4x it all goes wrong.

anyone got any idea what is going on?

No idea what’s going on…maybe some subtle change in writing strategy that isn’t easily noticeable until scanned by the LiteOn at 4x?

Also, at what speed have you been writing these TYG02? Any changes in which TYG02 you’ve been using (maybe a different spindle, different brand, etc)? Do any of the drives fail to read the newly-written discs?

And most people seem to like using 8x scanning with the iHAx drives. Perhaps you’ve just stumbled upon an anomaly?

same spindle, writing at 4x, everything seems to read them fine… i dont see why 2.4x works and 6x works, but 4 is a no go…

im going to see if i can go back down to something olderand see what happens.

Try writing at 8x instead and see if it happens. :slight_smile:

im dont think im going to worry about it, it certainly seems like an anomaly.

i dont think there is any issue with the disks even tho the liteon is flipping out at 4x.

im still getting great burns when testing the disks at any other speed

seems with 1.28 im getting a spike towards the end of the disks which i wasnt getting with 1.24, so ive gone back to that firmware.

however, still have the liteon 4x issue, but im just going to forget about it

@ Bad_Ad84,

As Forum Moderator Albert suggest try burning your Taiyo Yuden TYG02 Media at 8x speed. You might also trying burning your Taiyo Yuden TYG02 Media at 12x speed. Both modern DVD Burner Firmware and modern DVD Media have been optimized to burn Media at or near the Media rated speed.


thats kinda beside the point of the thread, im not talking about opimizing burns for this media, ive done that already and its best at 4x.

the speed of the write isnt making any difference to this issue.

a scan at 2.4x 6 or 8x is fine, but 4x is like this:

and its like that for the whole scan, but if i test at 8x:

but this has only been on media ive burned since i messed about with update, if i scan a disk i wrote before hand, it scans at 4x fine.