Confusing posts on 108 & bitsetting - please help clarify

I am about to change from a LiteOn 811s to a Pioneer ( DVR-108, bulk Version, Germany) or NEC (3500A or 3520A, bulk, Germany).
Bitsetting for single AND double-layer +R is an absolute necessity for me, I will not buy a drive, that cannot do it. Also, I want to get excellent burn quality with Verbatim media (I am going to use is Verbatim +R 16x printable, media-code is MCC004).

Reading the different posts here, for the Pioneer DVR-108 they range from
“there never will be this feature”, “it only has automated bitsetting on double-layer +R’s” up to “the piodata firmware supports this”. Quite confusing…

So, could someone please help clarifying this issue and tell me, whether I do need some additional tool to set bitsetting (like for the LiteOn drives), or do only have to check “bitsetting” in NERO or all is automated.
Or do have to switch over to the 3500/3520 to meet my criteria?


The only current way of getting bitsetting on a 108 for +R media is to use the PIODATA firmware and kernel, there is no other way to activate it, it simply is not supported at all in the standard PIONEER firmware.

The NEC doesn’t support it from the factory either. You have to use hacked firmware. The nice thing about the Pioneer is that you can use the Piodata firmware which is developed in house by Pioneer engineers for their Piodata line.

Hi dvdr,

take note that the piodata firmware unfortunately does not bitset dvd+rw disks, however, this may not be a problem for you.



Yes, it does. You just have to erase the DVD+RW first. Fully, with Nero, and quick or full with DVDInfo.

i can confirm the last post from timekills

funny thing is though, when i booktyped to DVD-ROM using PIODATA 118 f/w the movie didn’t play

using my liteon 411@811 booktyped, it worked… :confused: