I am burning DVDs using pinnacle studio 9 and I have a problem when I duplicate the DVDs on my micro Orbit. I have a small business and I sell the DVds and some people are having trouble with the disks. Most of the disk is OK but at a point the customer looses sound. The video is OK. I have had this with only 2 out of 1200 disks but I can’t figure it out. The disk works fine on my player but not thiers. I have made new disks for them with the same result. I tried using differend brands of disks. No difference. I am new at this and puzzled. Why only part of the disk? why only 2 customers?

If it’s only 2 customers, then you should applaud yourself for doing a fine job on burning all 1200 DVDs with such a low failure rate. However, I don’t think the fault is on your part at all. Those 2 customers must be using the rare DVD player that doesn’t support the format of DVD you burn on. Are you burning DVD+R or DVD-R? If you use DVD+R, you can maximize the capatibility by changing the booktype from DVD+R to DVD-ROM. This procedure is known as bitsetting. Do a rearch on this forum for more info on the subject. It only works on DVD+R media and Nero 6 supports it with no problem. Find out what DVD player those 2 customers are using.

I use DVD-R and I don’t know what kind of reader they have. I asked one if she has access to another player and she didn’t. I also think that it is the player but I don’t underswtand how it is reading part of the disk OK but not the other.

I have been burning home videos and such for some time now, and I have experienced a bit of what you describe also. I believe it can be a combination of things. Certain discs I burned with certain software would work on most dvd players, and on some it would work for 30 minutes or so, till the set top player got “tired” of it, and it would start to glitch and pixelate, and on some players it would not work at all. I was just suprised to find one of those glitchy players, will play my discs now. I don’t think you can narrow it down to 1 particular thing. You can try different media, and try different burn rates, and maybe software if it is available. I also believe your success rate is very good, and they may just have a player that won’t cooperate. The dvd player in my mini-van will not play my movies, I think it is one that might need bit-set to dvd-rom, and my burner does not support that. Good luck.

This could also be caused by your burning speed. A DVD is burned at the begininng at 1x then 2x and working its way up as it gets towards the end of the disc, so if they have a picky player it will just about read the disc at the begininng but when the player reaches the point where the increase in writing speed occurs it stops playing or glitches up, so try burning at 1x. Another point you might consider is are you using sticky labels? if yes try doing a disc without one as these can cause similiar problems.