Not sure where to start … ill just start and hope somone figures this out … to introduce you to my hardrware ,maybe to get a better idea on how to help … my computer is compaq presario with a 4x cd-r/cd-rw burner made from a company trademark of ‘‘LG’’ …the dvd player is samsung … my parents bought it like 2 years ago …it plays svcd 2.0 and has worked with nero and the cd was a ‘‘Memorex’’ cd-r right now im looking at the heading and it says video-cd 2.0 … well anyway now the cd im burning with is ‘‘maxell’’ …everythime i burn it 1> takes really long and encodes in nero forever… then when it writes it wont play in my dvd player … says its the wrong cd … im not sure if its the cd-r that isnt compatiable or its nero ‘‘the new version’’ that isnt working correctly …all the video files were changed from mpg to avi … except one… i made a cd to trst … it had the mpg movie file and it didnt burn right… then i did the avi file and it didnt burn write … i chose supervcd … didnt work … i downloaded roxio … didnt work … downloaded record max … didnt work …im right now watching my finished cd in my pc with power dvd software … works but i dunno what that means… soon im gonna to my brothers house and try the cd-r in his dvd player and see if it may be my dvd player that isnt compatable …otherwise im prolly gonna just buya new burner and a new dvd player along with memorex cd-r’s since theyve worked… otherwise im screwed … im hopeing that somone has had a similiar problem and knows the answer to these problems im having … since im despereate here im about to go to samsung dvdv web and see if its compatible…if noone knows what i should do … what anyone know a good dvd player that compatable with many music video formats and a good burner … which is better … roxio videopack or nero … :eek:

Try using VCD1 instead of 2. If that don’t work, then it’s your DVD player. VCD1 must be encoded at 1234 (or something along those lines) bitrate and at 352x240 res for NTSC TVs. Go to for a list of compatible players.

Thank u for responding…this really helped… i found out the cd-r ive been using doesnt work with the dvd player and a funny thing but the people on the post said stay away from samsung dvd players…somone stated they havnt tryed memorex cd-r’s but i have and it worked … so i guess im gonna just buy some of those and if it doesnt work … o well … ill just buy a new dvd player :wink: … thanx though this helped me undertsand allot more about dvd players and svcd ,vcd etc.:smiley:

My roomate and I have a similiar problem.

Except for our problems is that the video cd work fine in the pc’s and on the dvd player the vcds are in black and white.

But sometimes the vcds are in color, still havent figures that one out yet.

I use Nero for videos and vcds

btw what part of FL u from?