Hey everybody, im new to the site, and i guess that you could say that my hand was forced lol. i have a question, but if if does not make sense i am very sorry :confused:

Ok guys, heres my question:
I recently bought a sony handycam camcorder, and it records onto a DVD. the dvd that I am using is DVD-RW. my issue is that when i record something onto the dvd, then i try and put it onto my dell inspiron laptop, or my home computer, an error message comes up saying “Your version of DLA can read files on this disc but you will not be able to edit or add to them.” i wanted to know why I was recieving this message, and what i could do so that i would be able to edit my recorded dvd’s in windows media player?
thank you guyz so much
ps: the tech support people at sony and dell were completly useless, they couldnt answer my question :sad: :sad: :sad:

Hi and Welcome!

DLA is a so-called packet writing software, that enables you to add files to an already written (rewritable) disc. There should be some documentation about this already installed on your computer. This packet writing method does not always work, it will especially fail if the disc is made in another system. That’s why you get this error message.

and what i could do so that i would be able to edit my recorded dvd’s in windows media player?
Just copy the data from the disc onto your harddisc and load them into the software you want to use for editing.
Btw. you can’t edit anything with media player software. :wink:


I believe that your camera records to MPEG format. That means in order to be able to edit the data (if you so desire), you will need an mpeg editor.

hey guys thanx for the help, yes i did mean windows movie maker my mistake im sorry, and i am about to try and save the information onto my hard drive, hopefully it works since i have nevver done this before, and i am very very very very bad with computers lol…thanx for all of your help hope to talk to u soon with good news lol thanx

hey guyz im back lol ok i tried to save it onto the harddrive, and i guess it didnt work because it wont open on the windows movie maker do you guys know any programs that i can download from the internet that will help me edit the videos? thanx again

Don’t use DLA to write to the camera disc, it will mess it up if you ever can write to it.
DVD cameras use Mpeg2 format and yours will probably use DVD-VR video format aand show you a VIDEO_TS folder with video files inside - VRO extension its a possible one.
So you will need to capture the video or “import” it to HDD using a video editor that can do the task.
Microsoft “free” (a real joke if you consider how much Microsoft charges you for the “companion” O/S) stuff it is not a good idea.
Besiders you have freeware packages that can do it, consider Ulead VideoStudio 10, for instance, or equivalent programs by Pinnacle or Magix.
After the import process, you get editable Mpeg2 files that you can work and use to author a DVD that will play in the PC or using a home player.
You can have a look to for more info on video subjects and software.
If you ever want to write back to your camera disc (I’m not sure if your setup will allow it) use only the video editor to write the modified files to the camera disc. But I see no interest on it,as it is much better to leave your footage alone in the disk or - after transfering it to other support - clean the disc to re-use it again to capture new movies.

umm ok i will try and comprehend that lol thanx so much