I have a Lite-On LDW-411S whose EEPROM I flashed and converted to 811S using the patch that was available before the Zebra V4 patch. I have a backup of the original 411S EEPROM but when I read the Zebramod info file, it says that I cannot use it on an already modded eeprom. I guess the tool that I used for flashing was called the V2 and the patched HS0K firmware. It seems that this V2 patch was not done properly by the coders and in some cases caused faulty burning of media (which I have come to a conclusion after reading forum posts. That was the reason that the Zebramod was created in the first place, correct me if I am wrong.)
I have not used the drive for burning anything since flashing it. Now in the Lite-On forum, there are two tools that I see which is the Omnipatcher and the EEPROM Utility for LiteOn CD/DVD-Writers (v2.0.7). My problem is that I want to keep the 411S@811S, but I don’t wanna end up with coasters. So what do I do and what software do I use to be able to get the writer burn any media properly? Also, after conversion, will I be able to download and install firmware off Liteon’s website and flash the EEPROM without ruining the drive?
BTW, will the LDW-411S@811S be able to backup the newer verions of SafeDisc such as 3.9 and 4?

Aquarius. :o

PS: By software, I mean do i use the Omnipatcher or the EEPROM Utility for LiteOn CD/DVD-Writers (v2.0.7) to flash the EEPROM properly so that it can be converted to 811S and also be able to function like it.

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I have flashed the drive (sorry for being a noob) and now it is running on the latest firmware downloaded from the Lite-On website. Will have to check the burn qualitym though. I am thinking about getting some DVD’s burnt this weekend.

Aquarius. :cool: