Confused with quality scan software

hi all,
I have a NEC ND-3500AG flashed with official 2.18 and an Acer 1640 16X DVD-rom. I would like to be able to scan discs I burnt with utilities such as BenQ’s QScan or LiteOn’s (unfortunatly these utilities don’t work with my drives).
What are my software options?


Disc quality test with nero’s CD-DVD Speed might be what you’re looking for.

i have a problem with nero cd-dvd… see attachment
That was using my Acer1640. If I tried to use the 3500a, the software wouldn’t give me the option to do a quality test.
Any ideas?? thanks

If you don’t have a drive that’s supported for detailed checking, then you have to use the “Surface test” - many drives can do this in a basic “absolute errors only” manner - though if that shows bad, you have a problem.

The other test is the transfer rate, depending on how badly it backs away from a good maximimum speed CAV/P-CAV ramp, you can judge a burn to be good, average or poor - if it makes a smooth, full speed plot, then there generally isn’t much wrong with the burn.

thanks Matth,
you were right, both my drives aren’t supported unfortunatly. I’ll purchase a drive that is in the future :slight_smile: