Confused with Pioneer (A/1)08 XL types?

Hei Salut,

Again I have come back to wise people…I have found some different model signs on Pioneer (A/1)08…and those are following;

1…A08 XLA
2…A08 XLB
3…A08 XLC
1…108 AXL
2…108 BXL
3…108 EXL…

Why there are different types of XL? Give a quote please. Thanks…

A08 XL = retail version, posh looking case and supplied with software.

108 XL = OEM or BULK version, same drive internally as A08 XL but the case and front are slightly different (plainer looking) and usually no software supplied.

A = cream/beige front
B = Black front
C = silver front

(I think I’ve got the colours the right way round.)

There shouldn’t be any difference between XL* and *XL models. Pioneer may just sell the XL model under different model names in different locations. Confusing as hell, yes…

also this model to PioData DVR-108DX

There is also another difference between the OEM (bulk) and the Retail drives.

The OEM DVR - 108 DOESN’T INCLUDE Quiet Drive technology which reduces the operating noise by about 75%. The Retail version does include this.

In the end what this means is the retail will rip DL+9 at 12x where the OEM will only rip at 5x. (so if you rip movies this may be important to you).

You got to be mad to rip with the writer.

We are talking about the 108XL here, which does include the Quiet Drive technology. It also rips at the same speed as the A08XL as well. It differs from the A08XL only in the visual appearance. It is functionally identical.

The slightly older 108D doesn’t rip as fast or have the Quiet Drive technology.

Exactly, that drive will not live long.

Well I stand corrected (Thanks :bow: )

What’s really strange is after visiting Pioneers Site it would seem that the DVR - 108 also has a different faceplate.

Man how many damn different versions of this drive are there?