Confused with how to test with my 3500

I’ve spent the last couple hours searching this forum trying to determine why my scans are so bad and can’t find any more details than small comments like this one. I’ve looked in the Media FAQ, the Big NEC FAQ among many other specific threads like CD-DVD Speed Disc Quality (PI/PIF) Test.

My burner is an NEC 3500A with L&D’s 2.TG firmware burning TY Yuden000 T02’s at 8x and 16x. I use the NEC and a Sony CRX830E (CD-RW/DVD Combo w/ newest firmware) for my CD-DVD Speed Disc Quality tests. My computer is freshly formatted with NERO 7 Ultra. I try not to do anything while the drive is burning or testing.

My problem is that every scan I run gives horrid results. Why is it that the scans people call really good give results with PIE averages > 50 and PIF errors > 10 with the same drive and media. ( ) I know not to count the spikes but why are my scans so high?

Is this because of the drives I’m using to test the media or more likely to be related to the original burn? Do I really need to buy another burner just to make more accurate quality scans? If so, what is a good drive for testing? (Few, I just avoided using the word best there)

This disc isn’t my best burn that I’ve tested but even that disc had average PIE of 180 and average PIF of 40. I’d have posted pics of tests with my NEC but I had a HDD die and that computer is stuck recovering data.

Errr, so this is my last question, will testing a disc burned with Nero or DVDDecrypter (never got around to upgrading to the new non decrypting version) give the same results as making the disc with CD-DVD speed?

Thanks in advance

PS: I was thinking it’d probably help a lot of new people like myself if there was a comment about which drives to or not to test media with. I know this could easily become an angry ware between people’s opinions but I imagine it would be pretty simple to make a list of suggestions for drives to test with. I guess what would have helped me most would be a line saying whether or not a decent test can be had by any drive or if my only real option is a new BenQ, Lite-On or Plextor.

I think that your problem is the drive that you use to do scan.

Scans are reliable only with a burner, not with a dvd reader or a combo drive.

All scans made with a reader are horrible, but are also unreliable. Good scanners are liteon and benq drives; also plextor are good scanners, but they are really costly

By the way, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

thanks for the quick response and for welcoming me… i’ve visited a couple times but only just recently got around to joining

I’ve read other comments about how scans aren’t reliable with readers but the results I seem to get are very similar to those of my burner. So, along those lines, can the NEC provide goods results (excluding jitter)? or do I have to get another drive for testing?

I’ve only recently become concerned with my discs since they won’t play in my gf’s dvd player… although it is rather old I want to be sure it’s her machines fault and not mine

Usually playback problems are due to media issue (except for really picky standalones), particularly if media are a bit old.

Not all NEC burner are able to do scans; sorry, I don’t know exactly what models do allow it. Regarding buying a new drive, it’s a your choice: here there are many people having more than 10 drives (I have 6 burners and 3 readers :stuck_out_tongue: )

I use a LiteOn to test my burns with my NEC3500.
Sorry no testing with your drive :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:
But I can’t garantee it but most scans I have seen with your TY disks are consistantly excellent. Thats all I use.


As I’ve been quoted here I’ll at least clarify the quoted input. :slight_smile:

All NEC drives (including the 3540A that is the most “usable” Nec drive for PIE reporting to date) report very high PIE, and can even report impossible PIE levels (> 1664, that is the maximum). I’ve seen some Nec scans with constant levels of 4000+ PIEs. This is nuts. :doh:

So discs with >280 PIE levels on a Nec scan can still be perfectly OK discs. The 280 limit is already relative as all drives report differently, but with Nec drives applying this theoritical limit is plain irrelevant, and PIE levels should be considered ONLY to compare different burns, not judge of the disc quality at all. :disagree:

As for your discs, I concur with geno888 and nmpaulcp’s inputs. If you want ot perform quality scans, you need another drive… :frowning:

Awesome, I was hoping to get your input Francksoy but didn’t think my post would be appropriate in the other thread.

Thanks for clarifying as I was having trouble finding something that explained your comment…

. Woaw. :bow: For a newbie, you certainly have good judgment. Most don’t care about these things. Congrats. :clap:

This said, feel free to PM me when you want my input :wink:

Thanks for clarifying as I was having trouble finding something that explained your comment…
Welcome. :slight_smile:

Yeah, we’re not numerous on this board to be aware of this NEC/PIE thingy. I personally use a lot the 3540A to scan, but what it reports can be confusing when you’re not aware that it doesn’t report PIEs according to the standards (I got used to it, as levels are relative anyway). It’s worse with about all other NEC drives.

If you really want to perform scans with your 3500, you must first scan a couple of known good disc (like retail DVD-video discs) and see what you get, to have a basis to evaluate your results. But even so, it can still be misleading.

You could buy a new drive to perform quality scans, like a LiteOn 1693s, but please don’t drop your 3500, as it’s still the best Nec burner to date according to many users’ opinion. :wink:

Cheers :slight_smile:

I doubt if 3500 could do quality scanning…