😕 Tony Hawks Pro Skater 3 bin file😕



ok here's my trouble:

ive got a bin and cue of thps3, just the same someone else has..

he can burn it using fireburner, i can't i've already f*cked up my cd... with discjuggler just the same... now when i convert the bin to iso, and burn it with nero, i can install the game, but can;t run it... the other guy can...

i've also used cdrwin....

does anyone know good settings for burning a bin file using either fireburner, discjuggler or cdrwin? i mean the modes etc, i'm kind of a newbie on that area....

:confused: any one know something? :confused:

uhmm.... just as notice: this is not meant as any warez request or whatever.. i'm asking how to burn a bin file correctly in GENERAL..... last time it used cdrwin and it worked..... :confused:


I assume your talking about burning the image (bin/cue) of your backup from your own orig. THPS3? Otherwise I cannot help you cause you doing illegal things. (not allowed here) :wink:

I you load the cue file in Nero (file -> burn image…) do you get an error at that time? No? Then just burn the image, should work ok.

ps. try burning on a CDRW so if it doesn’t work you can simple erase the disc. :smiley:


Get daemon-tools you never have to burn CD cause it creates a virtual drive from the CD image.

Also in order to burn .bin files you need a CUE file because you cant just burn a BIN. Im sure theres other way but thats how i burn BINs and it always works.


You can use WinIso to convert the bin file to an iso file. Then you can burn it with Nero. I sometimes do this coz Nero has problems sometimes with burning bin files.