Confused re firmware talk, what about ext 162I?

I have been browsing the topics and looking at the discussions re firmware and BenQ and I have an external 162I.

Anyway I am using my burner w/o problem and have been since Dec 2005 along with my 3 yr old toshiba notebook and now this discussion about firmware makes me wonder am I going to start having problems as we have 3 of these burners in our family.

We always like the BenQ’s and their Book Management exe. and have not had coasters. Always using R+ media as recommended by BenQ in Irvine Ca. They suggested Sony, TDK, Maxell and their BenQ and advised against R= media.

I have another post in this forum, but now have found that it is not an issue with my BenQ ext burner but with the new Toshiba MX50 - M5 notebook that my son has and it is in the warranty depot for replacement of the optical drive to see if it resolves the problem that is outlined in my other post.

I would appreciate any comments from members on that post as well and replies to the query here re firmware for updates for my external 162I which is humming along with no problems at all.

Regarding your firmware, if it’s working good as is,
I wouldn’t worry about upgrades.