Confused please help :(

I sold my Pioneer A03 some months ago for bying the A05 .
The problem was that there was no stock of A05 in local stores and i was waiting and waiting until now .
Everywhere i can find only the Plextor but it can only writes DVD+R discs.I already have about 30 blank DVD-R.Is it worth buying the Plextor and “throw” away my blank discs to buy some +R?
Will the +R works fine with my Home Stand Alone Player ? And the Biggest question of ALL, will the +R be readable from my PC DVD Reader? (Pioneer 119).
Of course there is the SONY Solution but i do not have the money to buy it and i think i have to wait some weeks before comes in local stores.
Please help me i am really confused :frowning:
TIA !!!

Where exactly do you live? 'cause unless you live in some jungle you can always get the Pioneer online. And a little advice, don’t stock up on large quantities of media just 'cause it’s cheap, especially not on a medium that hasn’t been set, ie, DVD+R/DVD-R.

Nobody knows if DVD+R will work on your set top DVD player 'cause we’re not psychics, we have no idea what make/model you have. Pioneer 119 doesn’t read DVD+R, only -R as seen here.

The bottom line is if you can wait this long might as well wait 'til the Lite-On DVD writers come out.

The latest Pioneer DVD-ROM’s don’t officially support DVD+R/RW but they do read it anyway. Probably some kind of lame marketing trick by Pioneer so they can claim that DVD+R/RW have less official support than DVD-R/RW…

Most Pioneer DVD-ROM and DVD-RW drives can read DVD+R and DVD+RW whether it’s official or not.