Confused over Ritek D01 DL bad comments

Can someone help me out? I’m really confused by all the information regarding Ritek D01 DL discs. There seems to be a large following of people who can’t get these to burn to play back on stand-alone DVD players.

I ask all this because when researching the deal BB is having this week on Sony DL Ritek media. Everyone seems to be saying to avoid the Ritek D01 DL media. I can’t figure out why I’ve had such good luck with burns with this media.

I’ve seen many posts about Nero 6.6 having problems with DL burns and layout problems with buffering files sizes. This I believe is true as the work around appears to prove there is a layout problem with the software. But, the ability for Nero to “burn” DL media appears to be fine.

I’ve also seen lots of reports on how Ritek D01 DL discs have around a 40% success rate with DL burns.

What I’ve found is that I have very reliable burn success using the OD DL discs media code Ritek D01-01 DL when using Nero to burn (and only burn) and playing back on 3 different stand alone DVD players.

I have 0% success when Nero is used to author and burn the discs. Discs are never loaded and none of the players can do anything. It’s almost like the disc isn’t closed or some other issue like that.

If I use the PGCEdit trick to manually set the layerbreak and then burn the resulting ISO with Nero on the D01 discs I have great success.

So, has the Ritek D01 DL media been getting a bad rap, or have I just been getting lucky? I’ve used three different DL burners, Pio K15RA, IOMagic (BenQ) LS DL and a modded NEC-3500A all with the same results. Nothing wrong with playback on three different stand alone DVD players, Pana RP-91, Philips DVP-642 and RCA (629?) portable system.

I also ALWAYS burn slow, regardless of what the media is rated for, I follow as low as I can go but not less than 1/2 the max speed. Some reson I remember reading that here…

So is the media getting a bad rap because of user confusion or does the media really suck?

The media pretty much sucks but some drives can make good working disks with it.
My Pioneer 111 does pretty well at 2.4, and my newer LG h22n does them well at 4x. The disks don’t test great but seem to play fine in my pickiest player so I consider them OK.
I think the other issue is they might not hold up over time, we’ll have to see about that one. My BenQ’s do much worse with them and the disks skip or error out in the picky machine.

RITEKD01 has compatibility issues with booktyping/finalization on a majority of DVD writers. You can set the booktype for DVD+R DL to DVD-ROM in all the software you want, but you’ll still end up with DVD+R DL most of the time on RITEKD01.

When you can’t set the booktype to DVD-ROM on a dual layer disc, a lot of the pre-2006 DVD players won’t read them. This is due to the DVD+R DL booktype not even being in existence at the time, so the discs aren’t even recognized as readable discs.

My Phillips DVP642 will report that no DVD is in the drive after spinning around for a good two minutes when the booktyping fails. Now, what good is this disc to me? I would look for a firmware update, but I’ve switched to Verbatim MKM003, which ALWAYS work.

Maybe your writers have better luck with the booktyping, but Ritek’s infamous reputation for crappy quality control combined with the booktyping/finalization issues are enough to keep most people away from RITEKD01.

adre, does that mean that when a person creates with the create a fileset, then use PGC to create the ISO that the book type gets set correctly? I have no idea if that’s part of the ISO data, but I could see not.

I get the same results as you except when I burn from and DL ISO image, and that makes no sense to me.

Nope, if bitsetting is possible or not is depending on the firmware and hardware support.
Software alone cannot “enable” bitsetting.

Probably because your burner is different and handles them better? :wink:

With many so-so media, the line between a mediocre (but successful) burn and a failed burn is thin, and there are always some burners which seem to handle these problematic media better for some reason. No throw in the firmwares variations and the manufacturing quality variation into the equation… you get the picture. :slight_smile:

In my old signature, I added the following comment: “[I]Don’t rely too much on other people’s disc recommendations unless you are using exactly the same burner and firmware as they are[/I]!”

I also ALWAYS burn slow, regardless of what the media is rated for, I follow as low as I can go but not less than 1/2 the max speed.
I think you are most probably right in doing so, but that also depends on the burner. Some have less than optimised strategies for lower burning speeds, so in some instances this rule of thumb may be bad.

But let me stress that any decent media should be able to burn at its top rated speed with at least decent results. If one needs to lower the burning speed to get a successful burn, something’s off, isn’t it? :slight_smile:

The burners I’m using appear to be “good” or “better” ones from what I’ve read.

The media burn speed isn’t because I have to, but because I want to. I’m not in a hurry and I know that in the old days a slower way (aside from almost always being the only way) was also more reliable for a successful burn.

Chef, so would buring and ISO from nero NOT set the DVD-ROM bit (if HW supported it)? And the the question must be asked… if Nero burns an ISO does it attempt to set the booktype too? ie, is lead-in part of the ISO image? (I suspect yes) And would PGC edit set that to DVD-ROM? (I’m not sure of this) The burned ISOs work on the stand alone players where the dvds authored/burned in nero should have the bit set, but those discs don’t work.

I really don’t suspect the book type as a cause because I’ve got a few different burners NEC, BenQ, and Pioneer. The NEC and BenQ I now support book type settings. And all my burners give me the same results, fail when nero is used to author/burn and pass when ISO burned. fail = not play on stand alone player, pass = loads and plays on stand alone player.

Some burners will automatically set the booktype for +R DL media and optionally for +R media.

I’ll use my Pioneer 111 , LG 4163B and Liteon 1635S as examples.

The 111D automatically sets +R DL to DVD-ROM but cannot set +R at all by any method. The 111L automatically sets both to DVD-ROM and doesn’t require software intervention.

The LG automatically does it for +R DL but needs software support (eg. Nero) to set +R to DVD-ROM. Without software intervention booktype setting is not done.

The Liteon can set setup by various apps to always automatically set +R DL and +R media so that no software intervention is needed. But if not setup so will allow Nero etc to do it.

Nero [B]can[/B] be set to use the burner default or set the booktype to DVD-ROM if the firmware supports this. This also applies to others like ImgBurn.

It’s only at burn time that the booktype of a disc is set. There’s nothing the likes of PGCEdit can do about this.

Thanks Tim, good to know that PGCEdit does nothing with the booktype.

Still seems like the booktype setting would be consistant on a specific drive regardless of if nero was used to burn the DL titleset or a DL ISO. (My head is hurting…) Great information, but still doesn’t help me understand why it’s working when burning an ISO and not when a dvd file set is use… my head is really hurting.

I’ve got some other DL burns I need to do. I can try imgburn and nero on different burners and examine the discs after to see how they are all set.

Thanks for the explanation, [B]TimC[/B]!

Nero shouldn’t be used for burning as it doesn’t allways respect the layer break specified in the ISO, use IMGburn instead.

I second that. :slight_smile:

Now wait… that sounds like BS. Doesn’t respect the layer break when burning an ISO? No… really? If that were the case the PGCEdit trick wouldn’t work when burning the resulting ISO from nero, and that does work.

I’ll add that to my tests, or if someone else has a chance before me. Burn and ISO with Nero and ImgBurn and diff the discs.

I’ll agree 100% on nero burning a fileset, but not ISO. I’ll have to see it with my own eyes before I believe it.

Well, with the latest version of IMGburn you don’t really need to build the ISO first anyway as it handles layer break selection and 32K gaps. Saves both time and HD space. Even Rolz (author of PGCedit) recommends using it over PGCedit+mkisofs+ISO burn prog. :slight_smile:

Edit: Here’s a link to a direct quote from Rolz on the subject of ISO DL burning with Nero…

I assume you know at least a few bugs Nero includes with any version?!

Then you should know that this is no BS.

No, I agree Nero is far from a perfect program, but from my testing I’ve found that there is no problem burning an ISO with nero. I have not done a disc layout comparison, so I can’t say for sure. But, I’ve had no problems using nero to burn a post PGCEdited iso.

I just wanted to see if this was one of those “he said therefore it must be true” things that grow without anything factual backing it up. I’m not calling anyone a liar, I’m just asking if it’s really true because it went against my findings.

As for Nero… Hell, I’ve even had problems with Nero saying my SN is illegal and got in a big fight with them telling me to sue Fry’s. That was when dealing with German office, after contacting the California office they agreed my SN is valid and that Fry’s didn’t sell me an illegal copy (go figure, wouldn’t put it past fry’s buyers, but doubtful). Got a new SN and resubmitted the ticket and TS still hasn’t responded to my case and it’s going on a month now. First reported back in December before they pulled the SN BS. And if they can’t get the SN stuff right… nevermind the real technical stuff. I’m NOT a fan of NERO, but it’s done a good enough job for me. ImgBurn is now part of my installed burning suite. =)

Good choice.