Confused on new v6 licensing

I purchased DVDFabGold v3 and them moved to DVDPlatinum at v5. The DVD to Mobile option was part of the baseline software package when I purchased my lifetime license.

When I upgrade to v6, my license key shows as lifetime for DVD to DVD but DVD to mobile is 30 days …

Is Fentago taking this functionality away from me?

No. Nothing is taken away from anyone with the v6 change. Try getting a new key, and select the “v6 all in one…” option and re-register.

Re entering the license key fixed the problem. Thank you.

I to have fab plat w/mobil option an in the lic box it says under mobilr trial user whereas in the dvd to dvd it says never expire…curios…Bandog

Try the same re-registering with the “all in one” key option that worked for SPHinTampa (above).

I was somewhat puzzled by this as well, but after seeing the earlier post in this thread I requested a new V6 key. I did however have some problems using that key because when copying and pasting the key text out of the email it didnt seem to register the DVD to Mobile.

In the end i saved the key attachment to disk and ran it, which did solve the problem.

So all happy now :slight_smile:

Signals, just re-intered key and now it says “mobile” expired!"…what the dillioo?:confused:

[QUOTE=bandog101;2276959]Signals, just re-intered key and now it says “mobile” expired!"…what the dillioo?:confused:[/QUOTE] Did you do as Paul said and get a new key?

Don’t know about the expiration date thing, but others have reported this too. I have the option so I can’t see what it does if you don’t. Glad the rest of it is working for you now. :slight_smile:

Hey Jimbo
It says in the fine print of bandog’s post that it is working now, except for the expiration date thing.

i have the new dvdfab 6 key i email dvdfab for a new key on my never expire dvd to mobile platinum they say version 6.0.05 would fix this it did not help .i waited for version and it still does not work when are they going to fix this or should i request a new key i have been posting about this the last week here about this problem thanks for any help :confused:

thank you Wendy Lu at DvdFab support team for helping me with my new key many thanks again :bow::bow: