Confused newbie has questions about Fengtao programs

What’s the difference between DVDFabPlatinum, DVDRegion+CSS Free and DVDFab Decrypter? What does each one do and do you need all 3 to copy, deprotect, change regions, etc. Also I just bought DVDFabPlatinum and was emailed a link to download a program called DVDFabPlatinumNonCSSxxxx. Do I need any other programs like DVDRegion+CSSFree? And is the DVDFabPlatinum3072 program the same as the NonCSS one except for version number? I’ve read the DVDIdle and DVDFab web sites but I still dont know which program does what and what overlap if any there is between them. Thanks.

Download from link in the [B]Read First:[/B] released. The reason for a nonCSS is long story. If you bought Platinum that is all you will need.


DVDFab Platinum is the all in one version that do everything you need to make a backup of your DVD’s. You should not need any other software.

DVDFab Decrypter is a free version of DVDFab Platinum that only copies the movie to the hard drive. You would then need another program to edit/burn the movie back to DVD.