Confused need some guidence

I have been researching the art of DVD burning for about the lat 7 days now. My head is ready to explode from all of the info i have gathered.

-One person says this…
-One person says that…

-One person says this Burner is awesome…
-Another person says that same burner is horrible…

On and on it goes.

I appreciate the suggestions to research; but my god, one can become completley polarized (as i did) in trying to determine what hardware/software solution to purchase.

In any case, i finally got sick of wading through thousands of posts trying to figure out which DVD burner is the best and decided to make a purchase.

My research led me to choose a Benq DW1620 (i hope this turns out to be a good decision).

Now that the background is out of the way, here is my question:

My friend has given me a couple of DVD +R discs containing all of the epsiodes from a particular TV show.

I now want to make copies of the discs he gave me for my own use.

Which DVD Burning software should i use?

Should i use one of those cloning programs like DVD Shrink/DVD Cloner/1 click DVD Copy/DVD X Copy or should i use the software that came with my DVD Drive (Sonic Record Now) or something like it such as Nero Burning Rom, Alcohol 120%, Easy Media Creator etc…

Beyond circumventing copyright protection (which i don’t think i need in my particular case) i am not sure what the difference is between those two types of software.

My biggest need is for a software package that will produce reliable quality copies.

Any help is greatly appreciated!!!

Hey duffy75
I can understand the confusion. I have read these forums for a while now and there are so many choices and opinions. From my (a noobs) point of view, DVD Shrink should serve your purpose. As well, I have purchased clonedvd and anydvd and have had no problems. I have an older LG 4040b ± burner and everything is good.
Hope this helps.