i have recently bought this fine drive…i have installed it via a usb enclosure and connected via a usb2 card…i am losing discs when recording…the drive seems to stop writing during burning and then when i click cancel the burn it finishes the burn ?? the disc is then damaged even though the film is on there…i am sure it is a setting i need to change…but i havent got a clue where to change it and what to change…any help would be very much appreciated…bristolbob


Set the drive’s jumper to Cable Select instead of Master or Slave


the jumper is already on cable select…but thanks…any other ideas


Try connecting the drive in the computer on the secondary IDE channel. If it works, then you know the problem is the USB connection or enclosure. From all the problems I have seen posted regarding external enclosures, most seem to come from using a USB connection. Switch to an enclosure that uses a different USB chipset, or better yet, get one that has both USB and firewire.

Good Luck!


i will try connecting as you say…my usb enclosure does have a firewire port…are you saying that this will work faster…if so then i will just but a firewire pci card and connect that way…thanks for the advice


what version of windows are you running? if your not running XP, you probably need to enable DMA. also, how fast is your system?


am running xp with 512 ram and 2g cpu…have enabled dma access in device manager and still having problems…just seems to freeze up…even using nero cd/dvd speed


Although USB2.0 advertises as 480 Mb/S VS Firewire’s 400 Mb/S transfer rate, but those numbers are theoretical peak transfer rate. In reality, Firewire handles substainable transfer better than USB: Firewire usually give users 300 Mb/S transfer rate, but users will be lucky to get even close to 200 Mb/S continuously. Another advantage Firewire has is users can daisy chain many Firewire devices together.

Definitely you should use Firewire over USB whenever possible.


If possible I’d try the drive on someone elses system, using the external enclosure and then inside their PC to see if the drive is trashing discs. At least you’ll know it’s your setup or the drive!


I thought drives in enclosures where meant to be set to master


Firewire is faster in real world performance. Other advantages include less CPU usage than USB, and, IMO, much more reliable. I would always use firewire over usb if it is an option. If you go firewire (IEEE 1394a), don’t forget to get the correct type of cable if you need one! :wink:

By “correct” I mean number of pins; 4pin to 4pin, 4 to 6 pin, or 6 to 6 pin.

If you need to buy a cable, it will probably cost more than the PCI card. :stuck_out_tongue:

I believe the jumper setting requirement varries based on the chipset used in the enclosure.

Good Luck!


thanks a million for all your advice and suggestions…i will try all but i think the firewire issue is the way to go…thanks


I had a similar problem with my USB 2.0 encloure. I put my 3500ag into a new firewire enclosure and the problems are gone. Now I can burn my DVDs!!
Good luck! :bigsmile: