Confused DVD X Copy XPRESS user

I have the basic DVD X Copy XPRESS, over the last couple of years I have (like most people) had to re-install but now it says that I have reached my max installation number (7) and won’t let me re-install. Any suggestions, I have tried the contact number but they now give out a new number which appears to be a dead line. :confused:

is that company still trading?, it maybe the one that was shut down, but i’m sure you can still [I]buy[/I] there software :confused: .

try downloading the trial of clonedvd & anydvd, you have full use for 21 days, there support is one of the best i’ve seen, there is even a coupon code to get a further $10 ioff of there products, but i’m not sure what it is at the minute.

The company that sold Dvd X Copy (321 Studios) went out of business some time ago and, because it hasn’t been updated, the program can’t cope with newer protections such as ARcoSS or RipGuard in any case.

Try Bjproc’s suggestions and/or DvdFab which is extremely simple to use and which also has a trial period.