Confused Drives

I’m scratching my head on this one! I think is all started when I installed Daemon Tools lite on my XP. My lg dvd drive is listed as a dvd rom drive and my virtual drive was recognized as a dvd drive. I’m assuming this is not correct. Basically the problem I have is my dvd drive will read cd’s but not dvd’s or dvd-r’s. I’ve uninstalled Daemon with no change. I’ve upgraded the flash on the lg drive with no effect. I know to better work with a mp3 player I had, I changed how the device was seen by the computer, as more of a storage device instead of a sound device or whatever. Could it be the same type of thing and if so, how do I do it?

Follow Up:

Perhaps it was my new disk drive fritzed on the dvd side and not the cd side. I replaced it with an old model and it seems to be working. Thanks to anyone who looked at this. Metro