Confused? Different firmwares?

I understand there are different firmwares for the ND-3500A(G)…butare there specifically different variations of this drive? or are they all the same so i can stick in something like the mad dog firmware into my ND-3500A?

Also…bit of another confusion…I can’t do any Disc Quality tests with my ND-3500A with either commercial CD/DVD’s or vurned CD/DVD’s…the start button is simply greyed out or the error occurs: “Error initializing test.” The drive makes a small click sound like the laser is focusing or something…but thats about it. KProbe2 won’t work either, but i just read that it works with LiteOn drive’s only. Could this also be the reason why all of my Disc Quality tests error?

yes necs don’t support quality tests… for a list of drives that do see this page

all the drives are the same you can use any firmware but there are many newer than mad dog… currently I recommend either 2.27 or 2.c8 see this page:

Wow thanks for the quick response. I’ll look into the firmware issue. I’ve been having some serious problems burning CD’s on the drive…They simply wont burn. The drive will speed up, the slow down a bit, do the lead in, then die. Any idea?

Also, I have some fake taiyo yuden [?] (TYG02) dvd-r’s. They are rated at 8x. Nero shows the option to burn up to 12x along with 8x, 6x, and 4x. When i choose to burn at either 8x, 6x, or 4x, the DVD will always burn at 4x. If i choose 12x, the DVD becomes a coaster.
Last question too (i keep thinking of stuff) In your opinion, what would be the best firmware for this drive?

The nec is very very picky about cd media… I have some media that will burn 48x on other drives but only 16x on the nec… either try slowing it down or get some real good cd media… verbatim 48x or 52x will burn at 48x reliably on my nec…
fuji (ty branded) is good and will burn at 32 x…

other cheap media does not burn well…

same for fake ty media… the write strategies used for real media does not work well for fake… I have some fake tygo2 and it will not even burn well at 4x…

for firmware I would use 2.c8 which is the very latest…

Ah well, thanks for the loads of info. I’m grateful for that ^_^. I do have a Verbatim CD-RW 52x24x52x (model VBT522452A) that works just fine for the cd media…It is rather low quality…I literally “burn” the media when doing around 4x-12x to make sure i had a good burn…but read is severaly restricted then. 32x seems to work fine…and oops i went off topic, sorry bout that


My TDK (Riteks) 48x - burn at 48x