Confused by Sony DVD+R MIJ

Hi. I purchased several spindles of Sony DVD+R from CompUSA a few months ago. It was supposed to burn up to 16x. I tested one of the spindles to see if it was a TY and it was. I gave that spindle to my dad and sister thinking that the other spindles were TY’s. However, I opened one of the spindles today and rescanned the disc to find that it was a Sony D21. I opened the rest of the spindles and discovered they were all D21 (MIJ). Further, my burner (which is a Samsung SD616E that came with my Dell and is capable of 12x speeds) can not burn these any higher than 4x. I’m confused by this and quite the noob. Can someone enlighten me as to why it won’t burn any faster? Further, as I have read some of the posts from this forum, the MIJ D21 are supposedly not bad in quality, but not as good as the Sony branded TY’s, right?

What a bummer. I don’t think I would have bought so many spindles if I knew they weren’t TY’s.

Since you have an older drive, it doesn’t recognize your 16x media. I may be wrong on this, but when a drive doesn’t recognize a media code, it sets burn speed to 4x. Try updating your firmware. If the latest firmware supports this media, you should probably be able to burn at full speed on your drive.

Oops. Correction to the drive. It’s a HLDS GRA-4120B. I thought about the firmware and checked. I do have the latest firmware. There really isn’t any updates now that my computer is 2 years old.


and in that case, also the 16x TY discs will only be supported at 4x.


If it’s a GRA-4120B (not GSA-4120B) I’m not sure whether it can be crossflashed with a 16x firmware. GRA are OEM models and therefore do not get any firmware support.
I heard that the GSA-4120B could be crossflashed to GSA-4160B, while you would lose the bitsetting ability with that though.

This burner can burn Fuji branded TY’s (rated for 8x burn) at 12x. I’m not sure why a disc rated at 1x - 16x could burn only at 4x for this disc. I hesitate to try flashing with anything other than the firmware Dell provides fearing that the Dell might go nutty on me. I tried that once with the graphics card. It wasn’t pretty.

By the way, are these Sony D21 MIJ discs really okay? I’m separating them from the TY’s because I want to save the TY’s for things like important data and pictures.

16x Sony is comparable to 16x TY in terms of burn quality if you have a recent burner (recent 16x or 18x). Not sure about the stability (which should be OK too) though.

Thanks. Unfortunately, I wish I knew why it burns at 4x. I know that my burner burns at 12x max. I don’t know enough about PIE’s and what not to determine if my burner will burn these discs well. Unfortunately, the FAQ’s are a a little over my head (or I’m just not concentrating enough).

It really sounds like a firmware thing, as mentioned.

When a mediacode isn’t supported by a drive’s firmware, often the drive will only offer a “default” burn speed. In a lot of cases this is 4x, but I’ve seen it a lot lower.

Even if your burner is a 12x one, media still has to be supported in its firmware.


Make that MIJ 16X Sony. MIT 16X Sony is crappy on my Pio 111L and Benq 1640. And of course, no more MIJ media here :a

How crappy ?
Do you mean high PIF count ?

My MIJ Sony D21 with both my 111L and 1640 gives a QS of 96 with total PIFs of 2800-3000 but the TRT is excellent and they are stable (well , untill now at least !). Some people would say that is crappy , but it is good enough in my book .

Because you have already purchased quite a few media, I think it’s a good idea to buy a new DVD writer. It doesn’t cost much. Otherwise you will not only get slow burns but also very low quality burns if there is no firmware support for those discs in your old burner.

Not high PIF count, but general instability. I’ve lost 3 discs, D11s, burned at 8X in my 1640… they’re unreadable now. The much-maligned Benq 8X (Daxon AZ2) discs are much better. Fully readable.

Fully unreadable or just bad scans/some parts?
I know that the MIT Sony aren’t that good but I haven’t heard of (real, serious) degradation problems with the MIJs yet.

Parts. My Sony is MIT, remember. I’ll post a few scans later… me away from home right now.

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Sony MIT D11 isn’t that good (PIE/PIF wise) but it still reads perfect .
You are right Bhairav regarding the superiority of DAXON AZ2 to Sony D11 :