Confused by differing scan results

Hi & sorry if this is a “noob” question

Just bought & cross flashed a Pio’ 111d to 111L -Thanks to TDB & the forum here .

I have scanned some dvds(+r/-r) & get very poor scans or very good ,all play fine on tv.

I bought a new ASUS DVDROM E616A2 & my scans are all now very good.

Which if either is telling me the truth & is it ok to scan with a “Reader” not “Read/Writer” drive.

Using CD-DVD Speed 4.51.1


From what I’ve read here, quality scans using a reader are not recommended.
Also the Pioneer 111 rane of burners doesn’t give very usable scanning results - results may differ, like we have seen that with other drives/burners from other manufacturers.

Use a Lite-On DVD Burner for scanning your burnt media.

Awesome drives for scanning :smiley:

The discs burnt with your Pioneer are most likely great burns, scan them with a Lite-On DVD Burner to make sure :cool:

I thought as the ASUS is regarded as a good “Reader” it would provide accurate scans.

I’m pleased with my new pioneer & will have to accept it writes very well to various media as I have no way to confirm this

It seems every drive will give different results so if you can’t rely on scans why do them?

blad3runner - thanks

can you recommend a model for a UK buyer.I always used lite-on cd writers but only have pioneer/old benq 1620 dvd-r/w

Well I just recently just purchased a Lite-On SHM 165P6S and it’s working very well… :slight_smile:

I think that the Benq 1620 should produce usable scans too. Have you tried?

Hi :slight_smile:
The BenQ 1620 should be excellent as a scanner.
For Lite-On although currently out of stock try SVP .

1640 does for sure/ Oh sorry/ you have a 1620. Scan away

RE:benq 1620 Yes I used to rely on it.I had to remove to fit pioneer burner but 1 spindle of unbranded cmc media was giving quality scans 95% & 40%.So I put in new pioneer & scanned a few burned disks & got similar poor scans.Next I scan with Asus Rom & get 99% quality this is where I got confused.

It is most likely a bad mix of media in this spindle & I will burn with pioneer to get best burn possible.

I will stick to good media in future.

I will try benq again for comparisons.


THe short answer: Pioneers make crap scanners. Max speed is too low & doesn’t detect jitter.
BenQ or Liteon are the preferred scanning solution.

I also have an E616A2 and have found scans done on it are very similar to scans done on my Liteon 160P6S. If anything the ASUS tends to be a little less forgiving of PIEs. It also supports C2 detection on CDs, something a couple of my burners (BenQ and Pioneer) don’t do.

I’ve always heard burners are better scanners than DVD-ROM drives, but I’ve never heard a logical explanation of why they are. It seems the practical reason for scanning is to learn how some ultimate reader might “see” the disc. And probably more often than not, that reader will NOT be a burner.

I’m far more concerned about whether I’ll be able to play a movie in my picky DVD player for as many years as I’ll care to see it. It would be interesting to know specifically why a burner could tell me that better than a good DVD-ROM drive, especially since I’ve never found burners as a class to be more talented readers.


As a technician in an electronics field I agree with your logic.I also thought (maybe wrongly),a good reader must = a good scanner.

I agree we all want long lasting & wide compatability from our dvdr’s

I accept that the more experienced here swear by Benq/Lite-on burners & if nothing else it does makes scans relative.
But I would like to know what that decision is based on.

many thanks to all for their contrabutions & I’m not questioning anyone’s expertise only looking to satisfy my curiosity .