Confused by different Nero versions

Hello - i’ve had a search and couldn’t find much in the way of answers.

I’ve been thinking about upgrading to nero version 7 but i’m a bit confused by different version name. On the uk site it’s called Nero 7 Premium Reloaded but on the US site there is something called Nero 7 Ultra Edition ENHANCED - is there an actual difference?
After googling i’ve also found references to an Enterprise edition and also a Nero 7 essentials edition - i’m just a bit confused. Can anybody clear this up?

Also on the Nero site i’ve been checking out the plugins, Multichannel Plug-in seems to be built in to version 7, as is the DVD-Video Plug-in, the DVD-Video Multichannel Plug-in, and the mp3PRO Plug-in - is that correct?

Also what about Nero digital here

is that separate from the Nero 7 package? And what about the pro version here

From what i can see you can’t purcahse nero digital so it must be included in the Nero 7 package, but you can purchase nero digital Pro to get a serial number to unlock it in your Nero 7 install.

I’ve also noticed that you can purchase a serial for Nero mobile Pro while Nero Mobile comes with Nero 7 - what is the difference?

Sorry to ask about this i just want to make sure i get the ‘full’ package that has the total functionality available with Nero, and as such most interested in any difference between the UK Nero 7 Premium Reloaded and the US Nero 7 Ultra Edition ENHANCED. I’d hate to be trying to do something and then find out i haven’t got a plugin ot the correct version to do it!

One last thing - i’ve seen links to this site

surely most of these are included in nero and some would be duplicating, for example is there any need for the lame mp3 codec?

Any other plugins worth getting hold of?

Thanks for any help

You ask a lot of questions!

Nero 7 seems to come in 2 versions depending on which part of the world you access. I think you have it right, but Permium and Ultra are the same thing. If you change the browser to show another location, you might get the other edition.

Nero 7 comes will the plug-ins it needs, and a far as I know, you don’t have to add any. I will say some of their codecs appear to be a little flaky and have some problems with certain types of files.

I believe most of the utilities you mention come with the Ultra/Enhanced edition, but you can download a trial and check for yourself. If you do a custom install, you decide with utilities are loaded. InCD is not one of the default programs installed, and some folks say it can cause problems with burning, so you may not want to load it until later, if at all.

You might also download the clean tools if you decide not to keep it. They are good for removing it from your system.

Thanks for the reply!

Also got this back from Nero -

Nero 7 Ultra Edition is the North American version (USA, Canada, Mexico
and Latin America).
Nero 7 Premium is the version for the rest of the world.
Please visit the Nero website under to find out more
information about the included features for each version.
Nero 7 Premium Reloaded is the name of the latest Update of Nero 7
Nero Ultra Edition Enhanced is the latest update of Nero 7 Ultra
I the Nero 7 full version Nero Digital Pro as well as all plug-ins are

  • looks like they are the same, seems strange to still have the 2 different names though.
    So basically whichever full version you have has everything - i think the plugins/Nero digital pro stuff could be for people who have an oem version that came with their writer

Thanks again