Confused about writing speeds and firmware

Hey Ya’ll
i am new to the program world,so please bear with me :cool: here is my confusion…any help would be appreciated

i have a 16x dvd-rom drive
necdvd+rw nd-1100a (dell puter)
smasung dvd-rom sd616t

now, when i burn a movie ,i use nero, which says it writes at 2.4x

i use memorex dvd+r discs 4x 4.7gb…

do i need firmware? and where can i go to get it if needed…, cause memorex tells me thatdvd+rw/+r drives installed in H/P and Dell puters, require the firm ware upgrade

now, i went to DVD+RW alliance, and here is what they say
"Upgrade for:

  • “first generation” 2.4x DVD+RW drives to allow usage of 1-4x DVD+RW media
  • “second generation” 2.4x DVD+R/+RW drives to allow usage of 1-4x and 1-8x DVD+R media and 1-4x DVD+RW media
  • “third generation” 4x DVD+R/+RW drives to allow usage of 1-8x DVD+R media"

can anyone understand this…lol…i sure do hope so,cause i think my brain only has 1.2x writeing speed …also i understand "memorex " is a cheap make…can anyone recommend a good dvd+rw media?

thx for any help on this


I have basicly the same problem.

Samsung TSST corp TS-H552B
Verbatim DVD+R 12X disk
Nero 6.6 and Roxio 7

I have updated my firmware and I can not burn over 2.4. I have check my DMA settings and everything else I can think of.

Anyone have any ideas? :confused:

As of nero ver 6.3??? if you read from a dvd reader and burn on your burner (disk to be copied and blank disks in both drives when you start) it will burn at whatever speed. If you read from the burner and then swap disks to a blank (using only one drive to copy), the blank was not in the drive when nero tried to detect what the media was so it defaults to 2.4x and that is the only speed it will let you burn. Use both drives if you have them. Also, this problem seems to have been fixed in nero 6.6???. It will redetect the media every time you open the drive so you can just insert the media whenever and it will detect it and allow normal burning speeds.

Opps, just realized that you said that you were using nero 6.6 so maybe it’s not completly fixed. Do you have a reader and a burner (or 2 burners)? If so try putting the blank media in before you even start compiling or anything and see if that helps. Also, did you get the beta release of 6.6 or the official release? the beta release (not avalable on nero’s site but avalable elsewhere) suposedly still had some bugs in it.

I have the full blown Nero 6.6, not the beta. I normaly will burn the image to my HD (SATA) and then burn to disk. :confused:

I have copied plenty to my hard disk and then burned them (mostly using smart ripper). What I am talking about is copying a dvd (just to make sure things are clear). The proceedure I am using is to open nero smart start. I then go to the fourth icon along the top and select the first choice (copy entire dvd video). That opens nero recode (I just noticed someething weird). It says it’s nero recode 2? Doesn’t nero 6.6 use nero recode 3? Maybe I don’t have the update installed right? Anyway, at this point you should insert blank media before you hit the import dvd button to open your files. At least thats the way you do it in nero recode 2 (like I said, I just realized that I may not have properly installed the latest update). I’m sorry that I cannot help more.
Fyi the beta version that I am talking about was a pre release of the full and complete version. It is a fully functional copy. If you downloaded it before oct. 25, its the beta pre prerelease (the official ver was not avalable till oct. 25). Fyi, I hate to just recomend things to blindly try, but what version is on your original disks (I’m guessing something before 6.6 since it just came out) . It looks like nero will let you download the old version still.

If all else fails, perhaps you should reinstall and updated to this older ver (still fairly new). I know that they rushed to release 6.6 and had many last minute bugs to work out (they even missed their original release date of oct.18). Perhaps there are some bugs in it still? I cannot really think of any thing else to try?