Confused about Verbies CD-Rs, "Scratchproof" DLP vs. "Crystal" DLP?

Two references for 25-discs cakeboxes : 43343 (“Scratchproof”) and the more expensive 43429 (“Crystal”).

Both are sold in Europe as “Datalife Plus”, both are supposed to be super AZO and both are supposed to be scratch resistant.

As I’ve never tried the “Crystal” yet, what do they have to offer that would justify the higher price?
Drage? (I think you’re familiar with the Crystal discs? :flower: )

Strange verbatim europe site gives me this for the reorder numbers.
50 Pack Crystal 52x 700MB 43343
Spindle 10 Pack Crystal 52x 700MB 43429

Are that the correct reorder numbers ??? OR the internally used ones by the companny your buying them from.

I see, the online shop I consulted must be mixing references and descriptions I guess… :rolleyes: - I’ll check again.

So in theory these two # are for the same product (“Crystal”) actually? This woud make this thread look rather useless… :bigsmile: :o

I guess it is. I have never seen any 52x Super Azo disc from Verbatim that was not Crystal. :slight_smile:

The 25 disc cakebox of these that I have here (made by CMC) is 43352. :slight_smile:

Damn online shops. :rolleyes:

During the blessed time when I could buy from SVP, I forgot how incoherent and misleading these shops could be. (oh my, do I miss SVP’s great service and comprehensive article cards :sad: ).

Next time I’ll go straight to the Verbatim Europe site to consult the #, and won’t bother you guys with such petty questions… :flower:

Thanks to our great <s>democratic</s> governments! :Z

Please inform the online shop to ensure that they’ll improve their service :iagree:

Probably never seen the printables. :bigsmile: