Confused about SOHW-1693S and bitsetting




I just got an SOHW-1693S, and I’m kind of confused about how bitsetting works.

I have the Liteon “Booktype135.exe” and am trying to configure the bitsetting with that.

Does the Booktype135 utility set something into the drive itself, and then the next time I burn a DVD, whatever I use to do the burn will change the actual book type on the DVD media?

Or, does Booktype135 set something into the registry? If this is the case, do all burner programs then pickup the book type that I set using booktype135 when they burn the DVD media?

Sorry if this is a stupid question :(…



Yes, it does. Some software still might overwrite the default value stored in the drive.




So once I set the book type using booktype135, then every DVD+R that I burn will have book type DVD-ROM, unless I use booktype135 to change it (e.g., to DVD+R), and then, the next time I burn a DVD+R, the book type for the burned media will be DVD+R? Is that correct?



Yes. Correct. You only need to set it once.