Confused about SecuRom v5 - do I HAVE to have a Plextor?

Hi all,
I’m trying to make a copy of UT2004 (DVD) with Alcohol and/or Blindwrite. I’m having problems writing the bugger. Using the latest version of BW5, and to be on the safe side, a BWA from the net. Now - how do I actually force BW to write the physical layout to disc? By default it uses Autoplay, to be honest I’m not even sure what it is - it doesn’t seem to be explained anywhere! But it seems like a kind of emulation, whereas I’m after a 1:1 copy. The other topology write options I see in BW Tweaker are TwinPeak (which doesn’t work with DVDs, right?) and Plextor Premium. Does this mean I have to have a Plextor Premium for this to work? My current writer is a Toshiba 5272, a good drive most of the time, but I get the feeling it’s out of its depth here. Can anyone help me? I have been reading through this forum lots, but am still confused about these fundamentals.

A Plextor would do the smoothest job, but any reader that reads subs well is good enough. Lite-on’s do a good enough job as well. And some others.

BW is great for killing Securom, and with a Plextor is the best combo.
Another good combo is CCD+twinpeaks and Plextor or Lite-on or other nice sub reader/burner.

Remember to lower read/write speeds to 4x/6x/8x for better stable results.

Yes, a copy of this is not true 1:1 but good enough and will play with no emulation which in my book, is a 1:1 copy.

For Securom DVDs, you don’t really have the choice : Twinpeak doesn’t work, and the plex premium doesn’t burn DVDs. All you can do is to use BW5’s emulation.
Note : UT2004’s latest patch removes the copy protection.

@Cantab: I wish you the best of luck. I NEVER managed a copy of a Securom 4.8x or above with my readers/burners configuration (see below my specs in my sig). The only way of doing a playable copy is with Alcohol’s RMPS emulation. I am quite confident the main issue is, the Toshiba is a damn good reader, so a twinpeaked copy is not good enough (twinpeaked cds are way out of cd specs). Toshiba writers are trully excellent and, as their rom counterparts, extremely accurate, therefore causing a problem with Securom (although, for the same reason, they are excellent Safedisc killers). As I said in the beggining…, good luck trying.

By the way : UT2004’s latest patch removes the copy protection.

Thanks guys for your replies. Guess I’m out of luck, until Alcohol can do topology for DVDs too (coming in the next version apparently) or until the authors of BW sort out their user interface a bit! (sorry, but I think there’s such a thing as too simple).
Autoplay, is what exactly? An emulation that will only work if I install VSO’s Autoplay filter, right? Hmm. Yes, I know it’s academic now since the new UT2004 patch no longer requires the DVD, great decision by Epic in my opinion. Still, it would have been nice to be able to make a 1:1 copy. My definition of 1:1 is one that works without any cracks, filters or anything else…

Well, not exact a 1:1 copy, but it’s the next best thing… and certainly good enough for any back up purposes.

ok, the best way would probibly be to scrap blindwrite (unless you have a plextor premium) and use clonecd, twinpeak and a blindwrite file, then burn the patched image. it had a 100% success rate in all of my drives (well exept my shitty DVR-104, that can barely write data).

ben :slight_smile:

At the moment the only software that is able to create emulated copys of SecuROM 4.8+ on DVD is BlindWrite.

Uh thanks, but I thought TwinPeak can’t handle DVD images?

You’re right Cantab, maybe bcn didn’t regonize that you were talking about DVDs :).

indeed it cant, but TwinCreator can, just set the max image size to 9999 and add the mds/mdf files and then the bwa file :slight_smile:

add both the mdf and BWA?
How does that work?
Also with the patched image how do i burn it? Which program and at which settings?

ok, with twincreator add the mds file and then add the bwa file. then create the patched image. then just use alcohol 120 on normal data settings to burn back to dvd.

ben :slight_smile:

ps. im really tired now, if the problem still isnt sorted out tommorow ill do a guide with screenshots :slight_smile:

Hmm, thanks for the tips bcn. Tried using TwinCreator just now:

Select Supported Image --> my MDF
Select Media-Description --> a matching BWA

Right so far?

Anyway, I get an error:
“Error: Image file size is no multiple of 2448 (Image: 2352, Sub: 96)”

What the hell does that mean? Is my image bad? I made it with Alcohol, off the original, so I can’t figure out what’s wrong…

You can’t use the Twinpeaks method with SecuROM protected DVDs.

oh ok :sad:, guess you could use alcohol 120% rpms, that works on dvds.

havent had any luck with BW5Tweaker and SecuROM DVDs myself.

ben :slight_smile:

It’s also not working with Alcohol, BlindWrite is the only program that can handle SecuROM 4.8+ protected games at the moment :).

i thought alcohol 120% with rpms emulation caould :confused:, it has worked for me.

ben :slight_smile:

Not to my knowledge, I didnt even know you could select a datatype when in DVD?

ok, im getting confused with cd, so ill shut up :wink:

ben :slight_smile: