Confused about Falcon Media

I’ve been doing some research to see what the current consensus is on who makes the best BD-R and BD-R DL discs. It appears that a fair number of people like Panasonic and Falcon Media. However, from looking at Falcon’s website it appears they simply re-label TDK BD-Rs and BD-R DLs are no longer listed. Falcon’s headquarters are in the UAE, which makes sense as that is where TDK makes their BD-Rs.

The same goes for Falcon’s DVDs. They use a mixture of TDK, MKM, and MCC (which I think is Mitsubishi’s low-end manufacturing arm).

Finally, there are also a fair number who swear by SmartBlu printable BD-Rs, with even a few claiming them to be made by Falcon Media, but these also are TDKs.

So, am I confused or missing something here? Is Falcon indeed not a manufacturer, and simply relabels discs, so there should not be an uber-quality mystique around them?

Falcon manufacturers discs using equipment provided from various sources, as most do. But their choice of materials is usually good, and most of the time this means you get disc models designed by MKM/MCC (same entity), TDK, or Ricoh, as well as their own disc models, depending on whether you are getting BD, DVD, or CD. So they are indeed the true manufacturer, and they use a variety of good designs depending on what type of medium they are producing.

So if you get something that turns out to be a TDK disc model, but it was made in the UAE, it was made by FTI/Falcon, not by TDK, MKM/MCC, or Ricoh.