Confused about clones capabilties

just experimenting with ccd/clonyxxl/clonecd/audio protector

going in reverse and trying to protect audio cd…clone burns them right away. I have ver for the clone… for clonyxxl and 0.99 beta for the easy audio. at one time clone wouldn’t be able to read the cds after they were protected with easy audio. (this version). ccd-lock gets burned also. is clone just ripping away , or are those blocking programs not working?? just to know
i got a simple tdk 32/10/40b cdrw

why would you protect your own burns,thats like locking your doors when there is nothing to fear you only lock yourself out when you lose your keys,so why protect something that doesn’t need it ,you only hurt yourself.not being a wise-butt just wondering.

Clone is supposed to be able to copy as many types of CD as possible. I’m pretty sure thats what the author was aiming for. It can’t copy SecuROM 4.8x, but then again, from what I understand, nothing on the market can write sector densities to a CD so there you go.