Confused about buying a DVD burner


Need some advice/tips for buying my first DVD burner, a local store sells so many burners which is confusing to me and i do not want to end up buying a pup. I am after a dual layer one what supports dvd+r dvd-r dvd-rw dvd+rw cd-r cd-rw.

Can someone please have a look at this site and give me any recommendations on which one is worth buying. Any help would be great.

What you need to do is sit down and think about what it is you need in a burner. what is it’s primary purpose? data backup? backing up DVD movies, burning your own movies?
is this going to be your ownly burner? how important are it’s CD burning capabilities? do you make back ups of copy protected games? rip audio cd’s? these are some of the factors you need to consider in choosing a burner in order to get the one best suited for your needs.

data backup?


backing up DVD movies


burning your own movies?

If Divx/Xvid/SVCD/VCD to DVD comes under that then yes

is this going to be your ownly burner?

Yes it will replace a Liteon ltr-52327S

do you make back ups of copy protected games?


rip audio cd’s?


A all-round good,recommended drive is what i seek.

take a look at the BenQ 1620 or the nec 3500A


I have two NEC ND-3500AG’s and am very satisified with both-

As you can see below - I use them with a DVD-rom - which I highly recommend (they are very good burners - not great readers)

Most important: Good Media = Good Burns!!

Happy Burnin’


The BenQ 1620 seems to be especially fabulous and exceptional for audio protected rips!! and excellent in EAC secure mode (no cache = excellent, according to cdfreaks review, even better then the plextor premium for secure eac rips… with or without protection or not so… unique :slight_smile: ).

only weak point apparently = safediscs 2.8+ 1:1 games copies (only 1 sheep head… like the Nec 3500)…

very good cd burner. very good dvd burner, excellent dvd overburner(!) with excellent quality too… and 4xDL upgrade announced!

So… apart for SD2.8+ backups, seems a very good choice indeed.
Like the 3500! but far better reader than the 3500 for videos (rips dvd) and audio too! 3500 m