Confused about all the Nero versions for an OEM DVD Burner Purchase

I have tried searching this site’s forums and even some other site’s forums so I apologize if I missed a thread discussing this already. Point me at it if I have missed it. Anyway, I’m planning to buy an OEM DVD burner through most likely Newegg, probably the NEC 2510a, unless something more enticing comes along. Regardless of the brand, it’ll probably be an OEM without software purchase. I’d like to use Nero. But I’m very confused about all the different Nero versions out there. If I want the burner mainly for file backups, photo backups, and who knows, maybe VHS home movie transfers to DVD, is there a Nero version that I should buy that will work with an OEM drive, whether the 2510a or a Lite-on or whatever? Is there research into compatible burning software that I must do (and how do I do it?) prior to purchasing an OEM drive? Thanks in advance for any assistance.


  1. OEM and Retail DVD writers now comes w/ Nero Express, and will only work w/ the drive it comes w/, incompatible w/ any other drive.

  2. The Retail and download full version, Ultra edition, of Nero will work w/ ALL CD and DVD writers.

If you need the full feature version of Nero, the Ultra, get it for cheap at Fry’s or stores like it for $10, after MIR.

Thanks, Stoner. I’ve seen at Newegg one of the OEM drives coming with some Roxio software and didn’t particularly want to use Roxio. If Nero Ultra is compatible with all OEM drives, then that’s what I best get.