Confuse think with my DVD burn



ok I have a SonyDRU-510A, then I use DVDDescrypter,everitin it work fine, but I have a simple question, on the DVDDescrypter Went I started descript on the info the show “average read rate” 2.0x,but my Sony510A it suppose read at 12,or I am wrong?



The Sony drives are firmware locked to a max of 2x ripping of copyprotected DVD’s (from what I remember reading).


is there sumtin the i can do to unlocked it?

and thanks for u help


You would have to modify the binary code of the firmware to remove the limitation.
I have searched, but I have not found a hacked firmware for the Sony510A.
Perhaps dhc014 could be of more assistance


Thanks alot for u help man

but what mean “Perhaps dhc014”


dhc014 is a moderator on the Firmware Forum here at CDFreaks


cool thanks bro for all u help