Confuse... Question about ASPI v4.71 & v4.6


I have ASPI v4.71 at my system & I have no burning problem.
Does that mean I am OK with v4.71? :confused:

If I force using ASPI v4.6, Winn I get better burning quality at KProbe2…?

Will ASPI effect the burning quality or Just affect the Burner Working or not
at the system…?

Thanks…! :iagree:

If ASPI v4.71 works for you, stay with that version.

Never versions off Adaptec ASPI could have problems with other drivers.

I use ASPI v4.60 with no problems. ASPI 4.60 have problems detecting external devices, so I copied Nero aspi to KPrope dir.

@ Talon88

As I have Windows ME I need ASPI, XP users can use SPTI. ME installed an ASPI version with a different number with lots of zero’s in it, and I changed it in 4.60. But I noticed no difference at all. All experts say that 4.60 is the best version, and I have no reason to doubt that. But if you have no problems, I don’t think that you have to rush to change the ASPI layer you are currently using.

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get that horrible OS off that pc ldw! :slight_smile:


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(I want to keep using my Canon laserprinter)

You don’t need ASPI with Windows XP.

Thanks for all reply. Yes, I am using WinXP Pro.

So, I can say ASPI version WILL NOT effect the burning quality,
Just affect Can you use the Burner or not at the system.


ASPI has absolutely no effect on burn quality. It only relates to the interface.