Conflicts With AnyDVD And Lightscribe Label Software



Hi,This is my first Post, hope everyone can help. Slysoft Support is not very helpful. When I installed AnyDVD v5.9.6.0 It messed with my lightscribe label software. I have tried 4 lightscribe label programs NTI cd dvd make7.0.0.6704 with jewelcase maker, SureThing cd dvd labeler deluxe, Droppix labeler 2.0.1 ,which are all lightscribe approved label software. I even tried the label program in nero that came with my drive. They all worked fine untill i installed AnyDVD ,then all the label programs said i did not have a lightscribe compatible Burner.Regardless weather or not anydvd was in use or turned off. I have a Lite-on SHM-165H6S which is a lightscribe burner. I uninstalled anydvd and software still did not work, the only way to get the label software to work again was to use the system restore point that anydvd makes before it installs. If it was just one label software , i would say it was the label software. But this is 4 different labeling programs, I am inclined to think it is anyDVD. As i said before Slysoft support has been running me around for 2 weeks, and i am out of ideas.
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SlySoft support should have sent you an updated ElbyCDIO.dll to try. Didn’t you get it? Didn’t it work?


Thanks For the info about the .dll but slysoft has not sent me anything. The first time they sent back an email, it said that the new version of anydvd should not have any problem copying Aeon Flux which is the first time i encountered the problem ,which is also the first time i had the problem with my lightscribe label software. The second email asked me what version of anydvd i was using , which i had put in my first email. Seems like they are not reading my emails carefully because i gave them all the versions Numbers of every piece of software i was trying to use ,just like i did in my first post here. If you can send me the .dll that would be great. Sorry if i sound a little pissed, but i am just getting a little frustrated, AnyDVD Is a great software , and i use it all the time. But i also want to put labels on my lightscribe discs.




FYI, I have the same lite-on drive and the new AnyDVD installed and I am using the the Nero litescribe labeler that came packaged with that drive with no issues. I haven’t tried any of the others. The Nero labeler is very basic, which of the ones your using do you like best?


Hi, Slysoft has finally sent me a .dll file that they said would fix my problem. Have not tried it yet , but hopefully it will work. The label software that i like the best is the label software built into NTI CD DVD Maker 7. With any luck the .dll file they sent will fix my conflict problems and i can install AnyDVD again. I will keep everyone posted on if the .dll file worked.
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Well I tried the .dll file that Slysoft sent, and it did not work. But I fixed the problem, when AnyDVD installed, for some reason it stoped the Lightscribe Direct Disc Labeling Service from starting with windows. So I poked around in windows services and set the lightscribe service to start when windows starts. So far so good, all is working as it should !!!
Thanks for all the help and suggestions,