Conflicting Software

A long time ago Larry posted a response for someone that helped me tremendously. I lost it and ned it again. It was a link that showed you how to remove all unneeded software that conflicted with DVDFab. It listed all possible culprets. Such as Bsclips and others. Please help.

Try doing an advanced search for post by [B]larry3030cd[/B].


As Mack suggests…using the search function is usually your best bet, although at times it can be frustrating.
Anyway, I think this is what you were referring to re: Larry’s post…it’s actually found on the express app - click on the “?” icon and then click “help”.

Hope this helps.

Conflicting Software
Almost all errors are caused by conflicting software packages, error 96 and error 304 are the most common, 99% of which can be fixed by removing or disabling any of the software packages you have from the list below.

InterActual Player and PC Friendly - These programs are made by the movie industry to hinder copying. These programs are DVD software viewers that often come on DVD movie discs, and will try to install themselves every time you watch a movie on your computer. Please make sure to NOT let these install. They are both poor quality players and we suggest you use WinDVD or PowerDVD, both of which can be obtain for free on a trial basis.

Ahead InCD,
Veritas Record Now,
DLA (includes HP DLA)
B’s Clip,
DirectCD (component of EasyCDCreator)
These software packages will load a packet-writing software that will constantly talk to your CD/DVD writer, and can cause a number of issues while trying to write a disc. If you have any of these packet writing software packages you must remove them from your computer system for DVDFab to function correctly.

Spyware (example: Gator, NewDotNet, OfferCompanion) - These programs serve no good purpose and may interfere with the normal operation of the burning software. Download Adaware 6 SE (Personal Edition) from ensure you download any and all updates and then set it to do a full system scan, remove any objects it finds.
With adaware you must download any updates available prior to scanning your system, we recommend scanning your system every few days to ensure it remains in optimum running condition.

GoBack - This backup software constantly runs in the background (Terminate and Stay Ready) and may need to be disabled if you experience problems.

McAfee virusscan and Norton AntiVirus - These anti-virus software can cause errors while burning. If you experience problems while burning, you can disable the software temporarily by right clicking on the icon in the lower right side of the task bar. When the burn is complete, the software can be reactivated.

StopZilla and MyStorageGuard - Theses software can hinder required the installation of the software. If you experience problems installing the software, you may need to temporarily disable the software.

Napster 2.0 - This software includes some basic burning software (made by Roxio) that can cause burning problems if it is running. You will need to close this program completely before trying to use our software.

Easy CD Creator 4.x - Due to the age of this package, it is no longer updated by the authors. There are bugs present in this older system that will cause numerous problems on your machine, not just with our software. Please uninstall completely, and consider either the new 6.x version from Roxio ( The newer version installed without the Packet Writing software (DirectCD/Drag to Disk/InCD) works well with our software.

Big Tom right again, can’t take credit, wish I was that smart!! But nice work Thomas!

Au contraire Larry, take the compliment man! I believe it WAS you as the OP stated above…besides, I’d trust your memory about as much as mine (not at all)…given our ages… :eek::bigsmile:

Thanks all
Mainman you came through. I am happy to report all is well now in DVDville