Conflict desert storm 2


Have you used anything to determine what the copy protection is? What is the hardware you are using? If you are talking alot of read errors when you try to read the disk, this is part of Safedisk, but you need to scan for the protection to be sure, search out clony and use it then let us know what your reader/writer is.

It has SecuRom and my try to make a working copy has been failed.:frowning:

Nothing like being thoroughly confused, when I posted there were 2 threads above me, now it appears to be none, oh well…that makes my post above non-sense

yes game in uk has securom4.8 on disc 1.
copied fine using twinpeak / bwa method in both blindwrite and alcohol120% no problem!
great game!!!

logicwatch: what burner do you have?
I notice that quite a few “non-premium” users (including myself) are struggling to make a decent backup of Securom titles e.g. Republic : The Revolution

i also have troble with republic revolution.and also conflict desrt storm2 both secure rom new im using a liteon 48 with all firmware up to date both profiles are perfect.i have dvdrom is a liteon.i all so found that the newest sd.2 games was not working until i changed my dvdrom to a liteon.i used to use lg.lucky goldstar they were all ways quicker readers of i need a plextor premium it seems to be the way to go.:frowning:

i have a liteon48125w cdrw drive i make my bwa using blindwrite
4.5 takes only a few minutes at max read. i generally use alcohol 120% to make a clone cd image then twinpeak it before burning back at aprox. 24x speed using same liteon drive.
I have just ordered today a plextor premium just to experiment with as i am told its even easier and the copies dont choke when playing on other drives.
however up to now all securom 4.8 titles have worked using my existing setup! i also copied republic revolution no problem the same way ?
strange you got problems what happens when you run your copies?

I’ve managed to back up this using Blindwrite 4.25. To create the BWA file I used my liteon 32123s @ 40125w and read at 4x. Read at max and burned at 12x - poor quality media.

I’ve tried it in 3 different drives (Pioneer DVD106s, Pioneer A04 and Teac cd-540e) and it works fine.


when i try to play my republic,desert storm2.the dvd rom reads for about ten ,twelve seconds.then just does not seem to be able to read it

I´ve tried to copy the german version of Conflict Desert Storm 2 today. Using LiteOn 24102B and latest BlindWrite…Tried several speeds, 1x, 8x, 24x, but nothing works. Believe me, by this hardware you cant copy it at this time. Same problems using Alcohol, it wont work.

I really hope BW 5 will fix this problem finally and even the annoying VOB Protect. :frowning:

Greets @ VSO team :slight_smile:

logicwatch: when you say “twinpeak it (the ccd image)” what value did you use as the twin sector step? (not sure if this is relevant)


always use sector step 15 no problems.
with your litey drive and bwa builder in blindwrite you should have no problem professor x? tell me what what version of bw your using and exactly how your attempting to copy and I will see if I can help?

using blindwrite (patin couffin v1.14). Still no luck, Well, I also tried with 50 and 6. Another game I tried is Homeworld 2. Disc is always read with Alcohol as I no longer use CCD, at max speed with the physical data extracted at 8x.

what happens when you play your copy?
what drive are you playing it back in?
and are you burning back the “patched” image in alcohol?
after you have used twin peaks?
It may help if you tell me step by step exactly what you do?
Im suprised you havent got these copies to run as your an experienced cd freak!
Have you ever got a securom4.8 disc to work or are you only now experiencing problems?

hi logicwatch
with the copy in the burner the cd check is done when I select play from the game launcher or immediately from the windows menu. The cd then spins for a long time (well a minute seems like a long time!) and then it stops spinning. Now depending on the backup the homeworld exe is still resident and I’m unable to kill the process. If I then truy to browse the cd windows usually hangs suggesting the the homeworld exe is locking the cd.

The patched (twinpeak output) image was burned using Alcohol onto 12 speed cdrw at max speed.

I can do pre-Securom 4.84.84 games no problem!

a/ I have never used a cdrw disc only cdrs!
b/ I always burn back slower never over 24x
do you get the toc message when you burn back in alcohol
telling you its changed before you burn?
If so I assume you leave it set at the top setting and are not altering it?

i do get the toc message and yes I leave it at the default option