Conflict between ez cd creator 5 and nero 5.5?

Is there a conflict bewteen nero 5.5 and ez cd creator 5? I need to know coz I want to try ez cd on my system which alreay has nero installed.

dat is zeker het geval. nero kan niet samen met ecd-creator, veroorzaakt gegarandeerd een vastgelopen systeem.

uhhhh … I think he said, EZCD and Nero does cause problems when both installed…

Nero does have problems runing with Direct Cd though. It is bundled in with Ezcd. Just install everything but Direct Cd and you will be fine.

Go to Ahead’s ftp site: and download
It’s a boot configuration for running several different burning programs.

IMHO:rolleyes: I wouldn’t waste time with EZ-CD :eek:waster:mad:

:cool: Clone CD
:cool: Nero
:cool: CDRWin

They both alter some of the .vxd files which become incompatible with each other. DON’T DO IT, just use nero.

CCD+ Nero wot else do u need?