Confirmation of a 1620?

I saw this on and wanted to make sure it’s 1620 before i pull the trigger on it. If there are other deals going on that are better than this, I’d love to know. Thanks.

It sure doesn’t say so, but I think it has to be.

First off, the face plate shown in the picture looks EXACTLY the same as mine. Secondly, it can’t be a 1610 because the 1610 doesn’t support dual layer and the drive is advertised as a dual layer drive.

Anyway, I’m 99.9% sure it’s a BenQ 1620.


The drive at TigerDirect certainly appears to be a BenQ. Personally, I wouldn’t buy from them even with the $20 rebate for a net price of $50 before shipping. Minimum shipping to my location would be $10.31 by UPS Ground, for a total cost of $60.31 after rebate. That is, if you are fortunate enough to handle the rebate perfectly and don’t mind waiting 2-3 months for a hopeful payback.

I would go for the NU Technology Black 16X DVD+RW/-RW Drive, Model DDW-163 BLK from NewEgg. It is a proven BenQ 1620 clone with full retail packaging including software. It can be flashed to the retail BenQ firmware if desired, but this isn’t necessary. The drive is in stock, selling for $60.50 with free shipping (FedEx Saver). NewEgg is outstanding in pricing, service and delivery time. I would buy from them every time before TigerDirect, especially when I don’t have to futz with a rebate. :slight_smile:

Inertia is giving good advice. Got my NU Tech yesterday, hooked it up, flashed to B7P9 from G7H9 and life is good. You’ll pay 80.00 after shipping and have to wait for the rebate. Just pay the 60.50 with free shipping. Plus retail box if you need the software versus OEM-no software.

I third that notion!

I too ordered the NU DW163 from Newegg - $60 delivered because I purchased on the day it was the “deal of the day” - $55, it’s $58 now but the shipping is cheaper (go figure)…

Anyway, the NU is a 1620 - without a doubt. The package comes with Sonic and WinDVD (the WinDVD creator is actually usable, though you really want the free DVDShrink for any drive you own). Sonic’s cutter works, but if you have a recent Nero or NTI you have more options.

The NU doesn’t supply an IDE cable, and you do need an 80 pin.

I just ordered the NU from IN my comp now, i already have a dvd-rom and a cd-rw, so i think the dvd-rom is gonna hit the brricks. I figure I can use the cable from the drive for the NU. Itr’s my first foray into the DVD burning world, so I need to figure out what media to get (already got a slew of software like dvd shrink) and now I have to figure out how to flash the sucker when I get it. Thanks!

I got rid of my cd-rw’s as I could use my DVD-ROM to rip and the Burner to write. I did this on two of my systems. One has an NEC 3500. With this setup I have no need to make the Burner rip faster.

I’d go that route as well. I wish I would’ve known about the Nu Tech DDW-163 being a BenQ DW1620 when I got my BenQ. My BenQ is a refurbed drive but since it’s working well I don’t really care regardless. :wink: