Configuring WASTE with no-ip DUC



I’ve been trying to get WASTE up and running, and so far have been unsuccessful. I installed it and exchanged public codes with a friend and no luck. As it turns out, my service provider uses dyanamic IPs, so I downloaded and installed no-ip DUC v2.1.4. Now I run no-ip, and then open WASTE. In the WASTE preferences>IP Addresses under “Incoming IP” I’ve entered the IP that is shown in no-ip where it says “Current IP address found, using 2x.5x.2xx.2xx for updates.” in the box checked “Force Incoming IP to ______” Still no luck. I’ve been googling, but can’t seem to find any help.

Anyone out there who can help?




do get it to force it to the dns no-ip

just type in the addess of your no-ip name

eg. into the ip spot. after you delete the ip. after that in thing below it shows your ip


but no-ip DUC doesn’t make your ip address static, its still dynamic, but always accessable to the DNS you choose. You would need an option in WASTE to enter an http address, not an IP address.


go here and get DeeEnEs
then go here and sign up for free static dns. Enter your new dns address into DeeEnEs and then your friends will be able to connect to you with that address