Configuring DVD Drives to play copies of copy-protected DVDs

Anyone know how I can either, A) configure my DVD drive on my laptop to play exact copies of copy-protected DVDs or B) which software DVD program I should buy to play copies of copy-protected DVDs on my laptop? Thanks.

It might depend on how the dvd was copied and if it was a - or + R , Which program are you using to copy them, myself I use DVDFAB Platium and have no trouble

You will also need a program to be able to watch the dvd’s such as Power DVD, VLC Media Player or other media players, if your windows media player won’t work

Thanks, Jaminsd. I always use DVD-Rs, and use “One Click DVD Copy 4.2” to copy. I have “Power DVD” , but it doesn’t want to play some of them. Thinking it might be the disks I was using, I tried other disks, but that didn’t change a thing. I think it’s (either the program or the drive) just balking at playing something that’s been directly copied from a disk that has some specific codes. Any more thoughts? Thanks.