Configuring Drives with Sound Card


I have recently bought a NEC 2500A DVD drive and already have
a old Yamaha CDR drive that is connected to my Creative Live card.
Can I conect both drives to the sound card or do I have to pick one ?
If only one…which one do you recommend.

I also am thinking of having the following config:
Master1: HD Drive
Slave1: HD Drive
Master2: Yamaha
Slave2: NEC 2500A.

Any recommendation would be most welcome.


Hi liverpool_fc_fan, welcome to the forum, what type of Creative Live card do you have ? I just had a look at my Creative Live card and it has 3 connectors, I only have 1 drive connected the 1 I use to listen to CD’s & DVD’s but I think it can take up to 3 devices, it should say in the information booklet that came with your card,

PS I think it’s better to have your NEC 2500A as Master 2 and your Yamaha as Slave 2 , most DVD burners prefer to be on Master but CDR drives don’t care where they are.

Most (and even perhaps all?) SB Live cards have three inputs: CD, AUX and TAD. The TAD is used for modem devices, so let that be (often these inputs are mono). Both CD and AUX can be used very well for optical devices. So yes, connecting your 2500a to the AUX or CD input can be done without a problem.

BTW, welcome aboard!!!

Why even bother when you can read CD Audio digitally?