Configuring a New Computer for burning

I am going to buy a new computer, maybe a Dell. I want to configure it to optimize my dvd burning capabilitys. Other than the optical drives, I have 5 already including NEC 3520 and 40 BenQ 1640 Liteon 1693 LG 4163, what options should I put into the tower. I want to have the best burning capabilitys available. Starting with the processor and all other hardware. Could some recommend a system with enough of everything to complete the best performance and still be able to use it as a home computer.

The highest from Dell is the Dell XPS Gen 5 with 3 bays for dvd burners. If you have the money, go with the Dual Core Technology.

From your list of burners, I would pick BenQ 1640, LiteOn 1693 and NEC 3540. They all are good and have scanning capabilities. LG 4163 is actually a very good a burner but can’t scan.

Please note that for burning, it doesnt matter if you have a dual core 3Ghz or not. As long as you set it up correctly, even a PIII 1Ghz machine with 512MB memory is just fine.

Thanks Zevia: I just was looking at the dare thread and was wondering what your setup was to get sub 6 min burns on 4.3 gig.